Best Places In The World To Do Yoga In 2021

2021 is the era of self-love, self-care, and self-improvement. And, even though most of us have found our own ways to battle the everyday stress while trying to maintain somewhat of regular social life in the process, some fitness pros have already mastered the art of distressing-and we are taking notes.

A holistic approach to self-care goes beyond taking care of your physical well-being. It’s looking deep into your mental health, emotional health, social engagement, spiritual wellbeing to identify the cause of your distress. However, incorporating some easy self-care tips into your daily routine might be exactly what you need to recharge yourself and find a much-needed balance during these tough times.

There are a plethora of ways to balance your physical and mental health. For some, this might look like a clay face mask and some delicious treats on a Sunday night, while for others this can look like a yoga session on a Tuesday morning.

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Whether you're simply looking to de-stress or follow advanced yoga training, there is a yoga retreat out there just for you.

Yoga-centered getaways are the new norm. They not only manage to bring you on an experience of a lifetime but also allow you to explore a new part of the world, be a part of the international Yoga-loving community who is eager to join the best yoga retreats, wellness retreats, adventure excursions, service projects, and educational tours. You see, there is a slew of authentic and robust yoga-centered retreats that offer hours of relaxation to every nature-loving yoga enthusiast out there.

And, even though this list is certainly lacking, here are the best Yoga destinations in the world!

Siem Reap in Cambodia

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Siem Reap may not be an obvious Yoga retreat destination, but there are a plethora of wellness and Yoga-focused hotels and that allow for a multi-day getaway-delicious cuisine included. Between your morning and afternoon yoga classes, you will get the opportunity to explore striking Angkor archaeological complex and walk through famous temples like Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm. Don’t forget to check out Navutu Dreams and their otherworldly beautiful rooms and pools, as well as and the Blue Indigo Yoga Retreat and the Hariharalaya Retreat Centre. 

Chiang Mai in Thailand

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Apart from visiting the ethical elephant sanctuary, trekking through a cloud forest in Doi Inthanon National Park, exploring the local temples and discovering the meaning of life according Buddhist monks, Chiang Mai is the best Yoga destinations. Yoga in Thailand is an easy way to break up a trip or it can be a holiday all on its own. Learn from world-class yoga teachers and practice in awe-inspiring yoga settings.

Sayulita and Tulum in Mexico

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Mexico is quickly becoming the equivalent of Bali for Americans and whether your are in it for the luxury beach-side retreats or rustic jungle yoga shalas, Mexico has something for you. With numerous healing and holistic approaches along with Power Yoga, Ashtanga and advanced Acro, this one in a lifetime experience will treat your mind, body and soul.

Sri Lanka

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Even though new to the yoga-centered way, Sri Lanka is a perfect yoga destination to deepen your practice. The tropical island allows for endless sun-soaked days while the photo-worthy landscapes and 8 UNESCO Heritage Sites offer way more than your standard wellness getaway.

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