Bohemian World Travelers, These Are The TOP 5 Destinations for You!

Serene, isolated, luxurious, and most importantly, ecological- this new "slow travel" trend aims to bring us back to the roots of why we travel- a direct response to our hectic everyday lifestyle.

Now, more than ever after the rise of social media, traveling can be considered a much more accessible choice for most. It doesn't take more than a few scrolls through every social medias' popular page to find yourself deep within the vortex where travel aficionados share their latest luxury vacation snaps, accompanied by more than a few carefully curated photo-ready accommodations. Yes, numerous studies have shown that people were more likely to travel somewhere if they thought it would result in an increase in their social media following and engagement.

So, what is slow travel? Originated in 2000, it has since been embraced by numerous hotels to help guest take a much-needed break from their ultra-fast, ultra-connected, crowded lifestyle and loosen up their daily routine. Some include days' long digital detox from our never-ending double-tap hunt, while others completely ban phones and WI-FI connections altogether.

Sounds awesome? Here are some of the best slow-travel destinations worthy that will make for the perfect holiday getaway for you and your bohemian friends.



Huts with straw roofs surrounded by palm trees with a nice blue sky.

If you want to become one with nature, then nature spa Playa Koralia is about to be your most beloved place on earth. Filled with poppy palms along the beautiful Caribbean coast of Colombia, this place is hippie-chic heaven for everyone who wants to take advantage of the seventeen beautiful hotel suites. 

Due to the space between the cabins, you will be able to take infinite walks for miles around the beaches without encountering a living soul. Rest assured that you get your social media-detox, cause checking your notifications, emails or daily news is practically impossible. No WI-FI, no mobile phones- just you and the breathtaking scenery,



Large Tipi with three beds that have mosquito nets protecting them. There is also a nice large colorful rug which has tribal pattern placed on the wooden floor.

A favorite destination amongst all ecologically responsible travelers, this place aims to minimize the human footprint on the environment. Tipi Valley Surf Camp realizes this ideal with tents and a common outdoor swimming pool that operates on solar energy. Need more? The water consumption is closely monitored to ensure no waste disposal.



An orange and pink dusk light floods the this infinity pool which is surrounded by sunbeds and is situated on top of a mountain.

In Loisaba, each luxurious private hut has an extra bed on the terrace if your nature-loving friend would prefer to sleep beneath the stars. They crafts authentic and memorable safari experiences, providing the highest quality of luxury and comfort.  Need more? A team of traditional Samburu & Laikipiak Maasai warriors welcomes and hosts you with their customary warm African hospitality.



A group of women wearing Navajo patterned coats sit on a bench looking to the left outside a tent.

In this Arizona campsite, guests have the chance to experience the local culture, with the aim of raising awareness for the Native American cause. Get ready to find out everything there is to know about the unique Navajo culture Plus, a Navajo food vendor that can prepare and deliver to the ranch.


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