Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2021

During the past few weeks, the weather was nice and breezy, which means spring has officially arrived. It's about time to bring out your spring clothes and swap them with winter clothes. Fashion Week 2021 for S/S collections started from New York, Paris, to London, and now they are officially over. Some runways were held completely virtually, and some were semi-virtual. All the designers' collections are formally ready-to-wear for us, so let's go check out the top trends for this season.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors took a big part of this year's s/s collection. You can see sky blue, long-sleeved maxi dress in Alessandra Rick's collection and light green, transparent lacey dress in Cecilie Bahnsen's collection. It's a good time of the year to add some pastel-toned apparel to your wardrobe. Whether it is minty-green, soft lavender, creamy yellow, or cotton light pink, pastel colors brighten the natural flush on your skin and warm up the face. These calming pastel colors are trending for this coming spring season, so make sure you grab those colors of clothes from your closet.

Voluminous Sleeve Tops

Puff and exaggeration seem to be a trend of this year. You've probably seen puffed handbags followed by puff sleeve tops and dresses during Fashion Week. A lot of ballooned-shoulders designed in mini dresses, maxi dresses, crop tops, and blouses were represented on the runways. Puffed sleeves tops give a bold silhouette with a solid statement to it. If you don't have a voluminous sleeves top in your closet, this is your sign to get one. You can find various kinds of puffed tops with different materials, patterns, and designs.

Wraparound Ties

A new trend has approached this spring, and it is wraparound ties on dresses, tops, bralettes, swimwear, blouses, and skirts. Whether the strings are designed on your tops or bottoms, or wrapped around the waist, they add little to a huge impact on your outfit. One way to wear wraparound ties is to wear them on top of a black long sleeve and a black wide-leg trouser with some minimal gold earrings – a very classic and chic style!

Wide-Leg Trousers

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This year, many designers have focused on comfortability yet stylish design due to the whole transition in the working environment. High-waisted, cropped culottes, and super-wide trousers are now go-to outfits for people who attend many virtual meetings every day. Many designers were inspired and focused on creating comfortable work-from-home fashion and trends. Wide-leg trousers are incredibly comfortable, and it's definitely a must-have item in your closet.

Puffed Handbags

In the fashion industry, there are many kinds of category and handbags are one of them. Some people say that a style is not finished until you have a purse in your hand to match with the outfit. Yes, this coming spring and summer are all about puffy, padded bags. You can find cloud-like handbags made with feathers, chainmail, and beads.

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