Traveling On A Tight Budget? Here Are 5 Travel Tips For Booking & Packaging

Let's face it, no matter when you currently reside, travel is still looking a bit different this year. Yes, there are still a few airline restrictions and a handful of social distancing measures in place. However, that doesn't mean that we can't start packing for our next dreamy adventure abroad.

Whether you are planning on visiting the world's biggest party destinations for some pick-me-up activities, or simply want to relax and distress with a small group of friends, everything is still on the table. Sure, choosing some investment-worthy Airbnbs or even or looking forward to living and breathe European traveling - including some romantic AF rentals for the weekend, there is one thing you need to consider: Booking and packaging.

To make your life a tiny bit easier, we gathered the best tips for budget traveling so you can save up and still enjoy your time abroad.

1.Time To Trick the algorithm

Yes, sadly, it's a real thing. Some companies will automatically raise the prices simply because you have been searching the web for travel deals. Use the "incognito window" to make sure you won't get trapped.

2. The best time to book your flight

According to studies, the best day to book your holidays is on Thursday. Sunday is by far the most expensive day to book your flight.

3. Hunt down the best promo codes

Have a quick google search using the words "promo code" and "discount code" plus the name of the place or country you want to visit. You never know, maybe there are some hidden codes lurking around the web.

4. International travel booking sites are worth it.

Sites like Tripadvisor.Com, Expedia.Com, Ihg.Com, and Easyjet.Com carry some of the best hotels, flights, car rental, and cruise deals. Often you can find huge discounts and all-inclusive packages for way less than your local travel agencies. It even has a section of the cheapest international flights and most popular routes. Yes, they can turn almost every country into a budget-friendly location.

5. Packing tips for traveling

Here is a quick Pinterest hack that actually works. Always roll your clothes instead of folding them. You will not only save a ton of space but you will also be able to shop even more goodies during your travel and still have a place to put them on your way back.

Always mark your bag as "fragile" so the airport staff will most luckily place it at the top of all the other luggage. Yes, most of the time it works, plus it's a clever way to get through the baggage claim quicker.

Always seal your perfume, lotions, and shampoos in a plastic zip bag to avoid spilling any liquid on your clothes during the flight even if it's not a requirement from the company.

Always pack your own pillowcase just in case.

To protect all glass bottles like foundations and concealers, place them in a small plastic bag and put them in your sneakers. You will be surprised!

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