What to Wear On Your Next Trip to Europe In June, July & August

Yes, we know. It’s hard not to scroll Instagram and immediately turn green with — among other things — travel envy. You've probably already envisioned your full-proof Europe packing list, including some of the best 2021 fashion trends money can buy. Finally, after nearly a year of staying home, you are ready to grab your passport and a suitcase filled with an alarming amount of carefully curated outfits and jump on the next flight to Europe.

Whether you are going on a weekend away, backpacking your way across the continent, or simply want to enjoy some much-needed time under the European sun, here are some stellar outfit recommendations for travel outfits with European flair.

Europe Summer Packing List: Women’s Clothing

Summer in Europe practically lasts from May to September, but June, July & August are by far the best months to explore and get a real glimpse of the true European summer experience. Although some places will be much hotter than others, in general, European weather is pretty comfortable. Bring items that you can mix and match, including some layering options just in case you have to face a few chilly nights out with a delicious cocktail in hand.

If you’re spending most of your time exploring islands rather than cities, cut down on the number of tops and bring more swimwear. A polished outfit for all your future city strolls will definitely get you feeling extra pumped about your nightly shenanigans. Here are some perfect outfit combinations you should consider bringing along for a European summer holiday:

Dresses and matching sets for comfort and practicality

 What to Wear On Your Next Trip to Europe In June, July & August

Image sources: @annelauremais / @alexandrapereira / beginningboutique.com / Nicole Warner / refinery29.com / modeandthecity.net

Europeans love discreet floral prints, romantic-style dresses, and tops. Despite popular beliefs, most of the streets are not made for walking with heels, so make sure to throw in a few pairs of flat sandals or your trusted sneakers.

T-shirts are always on trend

T-shirts are always on trend

Image sources: isstock.ml / Reprodução-Pinterest / whowhatwear.com/ stylefemale.com / society19.com

T-shirts are universally-loved and super versatile to wear in a plethora of different ways. During your exploration hours, having a few different t-shirts ready for grabs is extremely practical. Wear them as oversized dresses with a pair of sneakers or, tuck them in your denim shorts to get that effortlessly chic look—bonus point if you opt for the best graphic t-shirts that are equal parts eye-catching and cute. Keep your accessories minimal for an elegant European vibe.

Comfy, chic & Instagram-ready

Comfy, chic & Instagram-ready

Image sources: crystalsundays.com / Lisa Danielle / anniecloth.com

Obviously, the best trip to Europe needs to stay with you long after you've returned home. We all adore taking photos, especially when we are in a foreign country, so make sure to pack some insta-ready outfits for those "effortless" social media photos you are about to take. Most buildings in Europe are in fact, neutral-coloured so you won't face any issues matching your outfit with your surroundings, however, a sleek, gorgeously-looking dress is always a great idea.

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