What Your Cocktail of Choice Says About Your Personality

Pino Colada held up to the sky by the beach
Sure, we love a good drink as much as the next person, but there’s truly something special about a frozen, delicious cocktail for summer. Let's be honest, cocktails always manage to trick your brain into thinking that you're on a warm-weather (preferably tropical) vocation, even if you are currently laying in your front yard. Especially this time of the year, we could all use a quick getaway -mental or physical-, aren't we?

For a delicious fruity treat, you could just throw in your favorite liquor, fruits, and a whole lot of ice in a blender and call it day, however, for all of us who actually our some thought into the recipes (self-made or professionally mixed), we love to dig a bit deeper.

Do you wonder what your favorite cocktail says about you? Yes, your favorite frozen drink can actually reflect some of your personality traits. In fact, mixologists have already mastered the art of finding out your cocktail personality. Here is what the ice-cold goodness that is a frozen cocktail can indicate about you:


Closeup photo of a Margarita Cocktail

The margarita gal is indeed the life of the party. You love tequila, however, you prefer to discuss it behind a beautifully colored fruity beverage. Clearly, summer is your favorite season and you love how the cute pink strawberry margarita matches your playful mood. The complex combination of sweet, salty, and sour notes makes it the perfect choice for a very energetic, outgoing person who is comfortable with being the center of attention.

Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktails

You certainly swear by your sugary drink combination. Your choice has a bad reputation, but that’s not stopping you. You don’t particularly care what people think. This no-care attitude is what makes you, you! Oh, and sure you may be bossy and probably used to ordering people around and having people follow you, but they like it.


Strawberry Daiquiri by the pool

Let's face it, just like the Captain Morgan white rum in combination with lime juice, you are adventurous, with a bold soul who loves a good challenge. You are warm and friendly with pretty much everyone around you, but also pretty headstrong! No matter if you are in your 20s, 40s, or 60s, you are young at heart and want to leave life to the fullest.


Manhattan Cocktail with a cherry garnish

Traditionally served garnished with a maraschino cherry, the Manhattan represents a strong, sensible person with a warm and feminine edge. Deep down you are soft and sweet, but most of the time you tend to present yourself as sturdy and distant on the outside. The prominent Whiskey and sweet vermouth flavors might not exactly make for a cocktail that tastes like a tropical vacation, but it is still uniquely you.

Whether you are ordering your favorite flavors like you are on a luxurious getaway in the Caribbean, or simply enjoy balanced tastes and fancy drinks, a delicious frozen cocktail tastes just like summer should.

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